Friday, September 16, 2011

Hey Derby Deeds!

I just called Derby Deeds and they better put my blog on their show.

Okay. Like, okay!

I want to call Dumptruck and see what his voice sounds like on the phone. It probably sounds like a Dump Truck rumbling.

Vroom Vroom.

Rawr Rawr!

Okay Derby Deeds, I'm warning you, you better talk about me.
If you don't, don't even wanna know.

Hmm Hmmmmm!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My rockin' derby family

Meet my rockin' derby family!

-Auntie Social: she's my crazy cool tooth brush bracelet making Aunt.
-Pigeon: she's the best derby mom ever!
-Skinny Dip: she's the best derby mom ever!
-Vice Versa: She my derby cousin and she's sweet!
-Solo Star: She's my awesome guitar playing derby cousin.
-Estro Jen: She's my crazy cool big sister who lives next door and does my hair!
-Dingo: She's my aunt and I love her!

Today was school stinkin' picture day!

And I had to stand like this!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Summer!

School's out!

All I'm going to do this summer is roller skate, and get soaked in water!

Go to a water park!

Did I mention skating? Oh wait, I did. Oh that's okay, because I love skating!

I'm trying to learn how to skate a half pipe, but it's hard because you have to go upwards, and backwards and you have to transition on it.

(:burp again:)

I like to burp. My favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is skating with my favorite players, Auntie, Estro, Pigeon and myself.

Whoo Whoo!

Oh yaaa!

Wait, I haven't mentioned my best thing yet!

I like pie.



Pie rocks! Ooooooooo!!!!!!!!

I'm done, Bye!

Don't Bee Scared

I know I was. But once you get used to it it's not that bad. It's kind of hard but it isn't. It looks mean, I know. But junior derby is not. They teach us how to Booty block, whip people, Booty check and transition.

Don't bee scared. I would tell a new skater, "it's fun! I like it, so you should too!"

They say you only get hurt if you don't fall right, and that's true. All you need is skates, pads and a helmet. Also a mouth guard so your teeth don't get hurt.

I've talked to some girls in Moxi skate shop that are great skaters and are good enough to derby but are always scared and saying, "I might get hurt"and that irritates me, badly! It irritates me because, well, you're good, you've got your mom or someone in your family in derby and you see that they don't get that hurt, but you say you're going to get hurt because you're younger than them. But if you learn how to fall right you won't get hurt and just SUCK IT UP!

Whoo Whoo!

I've gotten hurt skating outside. My wrist guard was popping up and I fell onto it and I got a little scratch but somehow it got infected so it became a huge bruise. Like, the size of my fist! O.M.G.


Even though I got hurt I still play roller derby because I hate running, but I looove SKATING!

Oh ya!

All about Mee

I'm Killer Bee, #187, like the knee pads. I'm 10 years old and I skate with the Long Beach Junior Derby girls.

I've been playing roller derby for one year because that's how long the junior derby league has been together. But I got my first pair of skates when I was 6 , so technically I've been skating for 4 years.

I know all about roller skating because I have been to lessons and I practice out in the alley behind my house so I can concentrate on getting better.

When I grow up I want to open up a winery.

My favorite thing about roller skating is going so fast you can't catch me!

The tricks I can do are skating backwards, side skating and jumping.

I am still learning how to power slide.


If I could give any new skaters advice I would say "Don't bee scared."

My favorite derby players are Auntie, Pigeon, Me and Estro, (because we are awesome).